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To Remain Resilient

One Must Remember the Past and Drive Toward the Future

Ryane "Rya" Mustang (AU!Roy Mustang)
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Character: Roy Mustang [Ryane "Rya" Mustang]
Series/Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Original or Alternate: Alternate
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual (Leans more to Hetero)
Barracks: Ast-Ennea
At a height of five foot, eight inches, Ryane is a fairly tall woman in the military but despite that, no one would know that she was military now if they saw her. She has decided to shed her Military uniform in favoured of civilian like clothing. Trousers ranging from khakis, jeans to leather pants and the only shirts she wears are halter tops, sleeveless and backless turtlenecks. She will wear a black vest to help keep her "small" (A~B cup range) breasts ambiguous. She hasn't lost the habit of dressing up like a male and probably never will, though occasionally she will wear a skirt (mostly to just freak people out).

With a love of black trench coats, she wears one almost every day, including hot & humid ones. Her shoes are usually military issued boots reaching mid-calve or knees depending on her mood. However, just because she doesn't wear the Military uniform every day anymore, doesn't mean she won't don it sometimes if she can find it that is (considering how much she was "able" to "bring" with her). Gloves are always in her pockets, one glove per pocket (4 in her pants, 2 in the trench coat and 2 secured in the vest for a total for 8). Her kodachi sword is strapped onto the small of her back, hidden by her trench coat and the knives she took from Hughes are hidden somewhere else on her body.

The chain around her neck holds onto four dog tags, two of which belonging to the late Maes Hughes and two that are her own. The dog tags are usually hidden from view, tucked underneath her top.
Her voice has a certain flare to it and it matches her personality. It can shift to sarcastic, bored, intrigued, protective, angry and flirty on a moment's notice though it tends to sound mostly drawled out and bored but it is always polite. She loves being amused by something and could almost be seen doing something with her hands, either rubbing her fingers together or fiddling with whatever she has on hand: pencil, pen, cigarette, etc. Her drinking problem is still one of her most evil of vices, though she has recently decided to retake up smoking, something which she had quit due to Riza Hawkeye's "advice." (She soon forced Maes Hughes to stop smoking with her on the threat of "castrating" him by alchemy.)

She has a Parental complex of sorts meaning that she mostly sees anyone younger than him as a child and nothing more, even those who might want him as a lover. Due to her "playboy" reputation, she is Bisexual though, in truth, she leans more toward men. She, however, is not adverse on same sex relations. Having a male lover is very special to her and because of her past, she has high expectations from the said man but they are all, in her opinion, probable. Just because she flirts, does not mean she will cheat and she expects the same courtesy from her significant other.

Some may say she's short-sighted but everything she does is for the good of something else, sometimes leading off to a Martyr tendency. Ryane is willing to sacrifice her own life for that of her men and others. Any life, especially that of a child, has more worth than her own.

Ryane is not without her anguish moments which in the worst of times, can and most probably will lead to suicidal tendencies (she usually stops herself though... usually). At the moment, she now has a more of an indifferent look on life in which she doesn't care about her life one bit, thinking she has accomplished all that she could within reason.

A procrastinator beyond belief, Ryane tends to leave things undone for quite sometime unless she deems it necessary to do immediately (she might rush it), if only because she wants to have everything planned and accounted for especially in situations with more than one outcome. She's a real strategist and looks over every single detail she can without being too obsessive compulsive (OCD), or so she would like to think (She really is OCD, though it is a rather mild case).

She is always looking for a good something to interest her for some time, be it a new game, lover or event. Let it be known a Mustang bored is a Mustang feared.

A doubled edge sword of hers is that she doesn't trust people initially, mostly due to the abuse of her childhood. In order for her to trust someone, she must know how loyal they are and how devoted to a cause, but even then it would only be minimal trust. However with patience and persistence, it is possible to gain her full trust. It is only in children that she is willing to trust completely, due to how innocent they are in her mind.

Ryane has a control complex in which she feels the need to be at an advantage for anything and everything. Losing that edge may at times become a high to her, and at other times, feel too overwhelming. Her pride is not without justification but it can seem unbearably arrogant at times. Her personality is almost more like water in nature but that may because her true love is in swimming rather than in her alchemy. She currently hates and loves the brand of alchemy she uses (mostly due to the Ishbal war) but feels more at home in the cold, tranquil of water. She loves to swim when she feels trapped by a certain events or emotionally exhausted, even going though a dangerous attempt of mediating underwater without any breathing apparatus. It is that daredevil trait that causes her to be able to be unpredictable in her actions.

As stated before, she is often referred to by some as a sleepy jaguar for her attitude toward things and the like. She may appear to be disinterested but that doesn't mean she truly isn't. Her actions are just as volatile as a jaguar and may seem to be impulsive to some but that doesn't mean it was completely unplanned for.

Ryane is usually never without a plan of her own in anything or at least that was before she defeated Pride. Now she prefers to remain listless and just go with the flow, however, sometimes she will still plan, if only for fun.

A warning to the wise, do not call her old, if one does not want to be burned horribly.

Ryane always wants to prove that she isn't useless, helpless or any thing her Father told her repeatedly during her childhood. Because of this, Ryane will put everything she could into something if need be. Being called useless is one of the best ways to rile her up besides stating that she's old.
Ryane has some training in medicine due to her starting out in the Medical Units of the Amestris Army until she became a State Alchemist. This training also extends to the fundamentals of Pharmacy which her late mother had taught her in secret. However, Ryane is most known for her Flame Alchemy which is in fact an art of using air and water molecules in addition to a spark and/or heat source. To perform her alchemy, Ryane had found a way to create a certain type of cloth for her later famed Pyrotex Gloves, which is her first and foremost weapon.

With the use of her gloves, all she had to do was snap her fingers to produce a spark and concentrate. Flame Alchemy is more or less completely about concentration. When using an active heat source, however, all she has to do is concentrate before physically using her hands and body to create a directional strike. The movement of air caused by her would drive the fire into a deadly type of weapon. With this tactic, combined with a snap of her fingers, Ryane can and will be able to create distinctive attacks, sometimes giving her Flames a "body" or the illusion of a "body." Her most powerful attacks are Flame Tempests and Flame Dragons.

Flame Burst: Ryane snaps her fingers, causing an explosion of fire.
Flame Blast: Ryane sends out a ball of flames by snapping her fingers.
Flame Barrage: Ryane sends out a series of fire balls by snapping her fingers multiple times.
Flame Pillars: Ryane summons pillars of fire from the ground by snapping both of fingers pointing down and moving up.
Flame Control: Roy touches the transmutation circle on her hand, causing any nearby fire to engulf the chosen target.
Flame Dragon: Ryane snaps her fingers, creating a dragon made of fire.
Flame Tempest: Ryane snaps her fingers, surrounding herself and her surroundings in an intense inferno.
Flame Barrier: Ryane snaps her fingers, creating a protective wall of fire in front, behind, or the side of her. It can extend to various distances if she chooses to.
There are other attacks which Ryane has either chosen not to use before or decided not to use at all.
How much power each of her attacks varies by the colour of the flame itself. She usually uses the most "weakest" of flames and when emotionally distressed or completely focused, she will raise the "level" of her power. Orange/Red is considered the weakest, White is medium and Blue is the strongest. Her range and power can also depend on how humid and moist the air around her is. The more hydrogen in the air, the more she can increase her attack damage.

She can be able to work with pure Air and Water Alchemy but she prefers to just use Flames.

Ryane is skilled to use handguns and a rifle. She also enjoys the hobby of archery sometimes though Hawkeye still bests her in marksmanship. She always carries with her two knives that Maes Hughes owned and uses them as her reserved weaponry, though she doesn't really wish to use them at all in a fight. Also in her repertoire is a small sword (a kodachi) that once belonged to the Homunculi Pride, which she took as a souvenir of his death (a "war" trophy of sorts). She can and will use this before using the two knives. She carries no guns on her person.
If her gloves are wet, completely soaked and there is no heat source near by, she cannot use her alchemy. Even worse is if the arrays are severed/destroyed or otherwise imperfect. If snapping her fingers is her only choice then her fingers must be workable for her.

Emotionally, one real way to get to her is to mention Maes Hughes. He was her first love and she still loves him deeply. She was determined to get revenge for his death after all, even at the cost of her own. If anyone insults him in her face, she will immediately attack in some manner, more often with a vocal barb rather than a real attack. Unless it is a really demeaning comment on Hughes, or a veiled comment about how much she had failed him. She holds Hughes in great esteem.

She has great nightmares concerning her past actions: most of them involve Ishbal in some way though now she has few that concern Maes Hughes and his death. She is very reclusive and introverted in personality but she forces herself to assertive, knowing that is the only way things can be done, yet at the same time it is a double-edged sword.

Ryane represses most of her true feelings deep inside her, and because of this, she is a ticking time bomb. Most people won't know it but once she snaps, she literally snaps.

Her final doubled-edge sword is that in battle, she represses her humanity, becoming a literal human weapon with no care for her own life but what purpose she has to achieve. It does not help that deep down inside, she has masochistic tendencies.
In a society where female alchemists—especially State Alchemists—were almost completely non-existent, Ryane "Rya" Mustang managed to find a way to be one—disguising herself as a man. It had been a tough journey but when she finally received her State Alchemist certificate, she waited until she was alone to give that final sigh of relief. For all the obstacles that were thrown her way, Rya knew she would someday achieve her goal of being a State Alchemist (to prove to her abusive Father that she was nothing like the useless bitch he always claimed her to be).

Ryane "Rya" Evelyn Mustang was born to Colonel Jonas Mustang and his wife, Kuroyashi Haruka of Xing. The marriage between Mustang and Kuroyashi was that of a political one, intended to increase the ties between Xing and Amestris. This marriage was not that of a loving one but rather a very emotionless and stoic, if not underlying abusive, sort. Haruka supposedly died from injuries sustained after a riding incident on the Mustang Ranch (where their namesake is raised for all of Amestris) when Ryane was roughly seven years old. She, however, did teach the fundamentals to Ryane of the Xing art of Pharmacy whenever possible, usually whenever her husband had left for duty. Mustang despised any and all Alchemy and Pharmacy, being a War-enthusiast (he was hoping that despite the arranged marriage to Haruka that Amestris will still go into War with Xing. Jonas hated the Xing people and nothing caused more anger than to see traits of that "Evil" country in his child, a child he wished was a son and not daughter.), he also made damn well sure that Ryane had nothing to do with that. If he caught her and his wife performing any of that Devil work, he would beat them.

After Haruka's death, Ryane made extra care to practice her Pharmacy in the dark of night as not to wake up her abusive Father. Sometime later when Ryane was 13, Jonas had died to unknown circumstances (it was marked on the official records that death was natural) and Ryane was sent to live with her Father's widower brother who she had never met before. It would seem that this man would soon give the push Ryane needed to become a full fledged Alchemist.

She was soon considered a prodigy due to the fact that she mastered the basics within a year and had gone on into more complex methods of Alchemy. Her Teacher was one of the fabled "Natural Elemental" Alchemists. His art was that of Fire which Ryane had begged repeatedly to learn. He finally gave in only on the account that she would learn two other NE Alchemy Arts within the span of two years, Air and Water. Aether and Earth were thought of as rudimentary in compared to the Fire alchemy he taught. Ryane proved her will and gift by learning under the tutelage of her new Masters (a couple who were friends with her Teacher) in only six months earlier than the designated deadline.

Despite how easily Air and Water had come to her, Flame Alchemy was much, much harder and took her the most to learn even the basics. She had learned that NEAA were mostly that of a chemical and molecule level which fascinated her greatly, especially with the physical display of the arts being put to work. Ryane soon found out that Flame Alchemy would be her weakest skill which she soon then promised to herself that she will master it at all costs. Blood, sweat and tears she swore. When she finally mastered most of it, her Teacher had told her that the rest would be up to her and that he cannot teach her anymore. He cited that to be a true Master of Flame Alchemy, she would have to find her own way. He did leave her however one of his journals and within that journal was the final Flame Array.

He said he never found out what it did, only that it was important to the Flame Alchemy legacy. Ryane never found out the secret of it. Instead, however, she decided to brand herself with the array in case she ever needed it. Sometime after she left her Teacher's home, she had it tattooed onto her back as a show of her pride into the alchemy she used and in case she ever needed it on hand, regardless of the damage to herself and her surroundings. It would only be a last resort, she told herself.

Determined to be known as a great Alchemy, she knew that the only way to achieve such fame would to be a State Alchemist, which at the time was a Men's Only "Club." She was only 17 when she decided to change her name to Roy Mustang, knowing that her Father's name would get her into the Officer's Academy alone. No one knew of Ryane anyway, one fortunate thing her Father did for her.

Life in the Academy was hard, especially to keep her identity a secret but it was nothing compared to her childhood. She was first drafted into the Medical Units before she finally passed the State Alchemists Exams with flying colours. However she was very much alone in the military, due to the fact that she had something to hide and no one to really relate to (it did not help that she was very much an introvert). It was luckily for her that her dorm mate would soon to be her best friend and sometime later, her lover. This Maes Hughes was the best thing, she thought, to ever happen to her and the bond between them was incredibly tight. Ryane would think nothing would break it. At least that was what she had thought before Ishbal had happened.

Ishbal was hell and with it, scars that never made Ryane forget about the deeds she had done there: killing men, women, children, even her own friends (two doctors that she helped in the field when not fighting). Hiding her gender had been hard and futile, in fact some other Alchemists had discovered her secret and Ryane soon was forced to be blackmailed into having sexual relations with them. At night, she would sob quietly and pray that Hughes would forgive her for her transgressions. He had the right state of mind in deciding for a desk job, rather than being on the battle front. Ryane tried to commit suicide twice during the war and several times after she finally came home.

Back in Amestris, she was devastated to hear that Hughes had moved on and found a new relationship with a woman named Gracia, not that she ever showed that to Hughes. They had both decided to mutually break up before Ryane was sent to war. She had hopes that Hughes and herself would renew their relationship but her hopes were dashed when she saw how much in love her best friend was with his new lover. It was then she decided that Roy Mustang needed a love life (or at least what appeared to be "his" playboy "ways". Ryane managed to find out how to treat unwitting women to date her as if she was a male and to start rumours of "Roy" sleeping around, Ryane made it clear she would not go all the way. Instead, she found out that for the women she dated, a hand job and maybe some oral would exhaust them long enough for Ryane to make her escape.), especially after Hughes finally made the idea of her becoming Fuhrer to change the country of Amestris for the better appear at the forefront of her mind. He had saved her from doing something in his opinion "very stupid."

Together, she and Hughes searched out certain individuals to become her staff and one of the first Ryane chose was her own cousin, Riza Hawkeye (who had taken on her mother's maiden name), the daughter of her Teacher who had enlisted a year before Ryane was in the military. Hawkeye was only one besides Hughes and a few certain Alchemists that knew of Ryane's secret. The other Alchemists kept their silence due to either being imprisoned or requesting certain "favours" of Ryane which she knew she could not, would not refuse. Hughes still had no idea. Once her staff was selected, Ryane made damn well sure to become the best there was.

Years later, she found a new calling in mentoring, guiding two young "boys" who were on the search for the Philosopher's Stone. Due to the fact that neither figured out that she was truly a Female officer, everything was fine, that is until Hughes was killed. Once more devastated, Ryane swore vengeance on her best friend's death, knowing that she would risk anything for the man she still loved despite never actually having gotten together with him, especially since he had married Gracia and had a lovely daughter with the said woman.

When it was finally revealed that the Fuhrer himself was behind Hughes's death and was not human, Ryane then made her final choice of creating a coup against the Fuhrer, with no intent on coming back alive. It would be a long fight and one that she would discover; she would win only by the skin of her teeth and the will. She was injured greatly by the Homunculi, Pride (the Fuhrer) and thought she would die, carrying out the dead body of Pride's "son" outside the burning mansion that was once the Fuhrer's residence.

Upon stepping out of the doors, she was shot by a former "colleague" whose body was completely half of automail. The last thing she had heard was Hawkeye screaming her—Ryane's, not Roy's—name.

Coming to, she found herself not on the verge of death but still injured in a completely white room.
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