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04 May 2007 @ 11:41 am
|-|| Observation P-1 ||-|  
Where am I exactly? Better yet, where's the child? Hawkeye? The burning mansion. I know Pride is dead, I have no worries of that but I must wonder, why am I alive? That makes no sense at all. The injuries I had sustained at Pride's hands were great and the bullet wound I had received from that half-automail bastard should have killed me. This worries me greatly for good reason. I wish, I knew everything.

This Warden person tells me that I am being drafted for a War. Great, another War? Why must there be wars, surely there are other ways to fight and protect—if that is truly the reason why we are to fight. Wars are meaningless and useless, not to mention complete wastes of time, effort and human lives. God damn it, as if Ishbal was already enough of war for me. The leaders of this place probably are no better than Pride and the corrupted Generals of Amestris.

I hope Hawkeye is alright. I heard her screaming my name when I supposedly "died." The same concern is for the rest of my staff. I am not so heartless that I would not care for them but I know that if they stay smart they will be safe. They are always very much intelligent men, a good trait in such an idiotic military.

For how long will I stay here and when I am done… where will I go? Will I just finally die? Or will I be sent back to Amestris? So many questions, so little answers.

Well, if all else fails, I might as well follow this path wherever this takes me. That's what Maes would have said… I hope. It's just been too long since he died and I really do wish he was here with me now but alas, he's dead and I'm well… not.

But just for how long?

-- Brig Gen. Mustang
Flame Alchemist
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